About Us

Founded in beginning of 2020 by Jyoti Vyas, Music of Loom (“MOL”) is known for products made from hand woven and hand block printed fabric.

MOL represents strong connection to our heritage and an undying bond with rich Indian Cultural Legacy that boasts ecofriendly way of life. Since its conception, MOL has strived to establish as a unique platform for all Indian artisans that enrich our heritage by keeping it alive.

Starting with contemporary ethnic sarees and cushion covers, MOL has now expanded its range of products vastly. It produces a wide range of Home décor along with sarees, stoles, dupattas, handbags and much more. The whole collection of MOL gives an ethnic vibe smartly fused with contemporary style and assures unique designs for you.

Our Philosophy

Our endeavor is to encourage Slow Fashion trend. For us, Slow Fashion is synonymous to thoughtful, intentional, and holistic answer for excessive production and mindless consumption. Slow Fashion encourages designing, producing, and buying garments for Quality, Longevity and Distinctiveness.

Slow Fashion promotes slower production schedules, fair wages, lower carbon footprints and minimal waste during manufacturing process.

MOL identifies the need for promoting vast and diverse craft traditions of India. It is a perfect marriage of native craft techniques with contemporary designs creating unique feel for each garment and artifact. MOL boosts sustainable ecofriendly methods of manufacturing. Indian traditional ways of manufacturing reduce carbon footprint of the whole process. MOL artisans use natural paints and dyes, organic fabric that is hand produced and resourced locally.